Estelle Getty and Sophia


Today would have been Estelle Getty’s birthday.  I am not familiar with her entire career, which began in 1978.  She played small roles in several popular feature films like Tootsie and Mask and she acted on the stage in several theater productions.  But it is her portrayal of Sophia Petrillo on The Golden Girls, one of the funniest characters ever to appear on television, that she is best remembered for.

The Golden Girls, as everyone knows, had an extraordinary cast, a unique cast, made up of four veteran actresses at the twilight of their lives but, comically, at the top of their game.  Extraordinary writing, the actresses’ unequaled sense of timing, perfect casting and of memorable characters and this is one to remember.  A show, I might add, that will never feel dated – who doesn’t have older women like these in their lives?  Or doesn’t hope to?

I’d be hard-pressed to choose a favorite between the four stars of The Golden Girls.  They were each so unique and necessary a component of the show that it’s hard to imagine the show without any of them.  Brilliant actresses and comedians all – Rue McClanahan, Betty White, Bea Arthur and Estelle.  As the eldest and most irreverent member of the foursome, Estelle Getty as Sophia consistently has me in stitches – I still watch the show as often as I can.

In remembrance of Estelle Getty…

here’s the best of Sophia…

Part one:

Part two:

An unforgettable actress and character.

4 thoughts on “Estelle Getty and Sophia

    • That’s so true. And an absolutely perfect syncing of actresses and characters. Such fun. I literally cried watching these clips so knew you’d like them.


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