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I suspect most people who are fans of classic television are so because they watched the shows as children.  Well, I fall into that group in any case.  As part of my weekly television ritual, and I might add THE most exciting day of the week, when I was a child was Friday – when I would go through every single inch of the upcoming week’s TV Guide and plan what I would watch the following week.  

That was when that TV listings magazine was a small, compact treasure trove of fabulousness.  I don’t quite remember if TV Guide went on sale on Fridays or if my mother would buy it on Fridays when she did the grocery shopping but it was a special day regardless.  We didn’t have a lot of money in my house but I felt like we lived in luxury due to that little weekly magazine.  I had friends whose families didn’t buy TV Guide.  If they wanted to see what was showing they’d peruse the TV listings that came with the Sunday paper.  Only occasionally I might add.  Huh?  That practice and nonchalance was foreign to me.  Actually, I thought it was crazy, to be honest.  Imagine how many 4:30 movies they missed!  I still shutter at the thought!

When I got my first job as a teenager, I’d splurge for a second copy of TV Guide – I’d mark one up with all the notable shows and movies to watch during the week and kept the second one pristine for…well, no reason whatsoever.   Probably to “allow” the rest of my family to view it without all my little stars and notations.

Anyway, as this site is dedicated, in truth, to television memories I thought I’d share some classic ads that remind me of the TV Guide days of my youth.  I love looking at these and hope you do as well…







images (1)



hol squares



elvis week






TV Guide ad





By the way, several of these particular ads are for shows that aired before my time and others are for shows I never watched at all.  Nor am I stating they are all specifically from TV Guide.  I say that because my memories are evoked by the site, the texture of those pages I remember so well.  The smell.  Individual ads, as great as they may be, are incidental.  I love looking at all of them from any decade and for any show.  Since my days centered around television – and I wish I could say it was around school or some other more important thing, like planning for my future – these ads, in no particular order and for no rhyme or reason – are simple reminders of a simpler time – when a small television listing magazine was, in many ways, my guide to life.  Once a geek, always a geek.

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  1. Greetings All!
    As I was born in 1964, and turned 5 years of age in ’69, I thus consider myself a Child of the 1970s…and in this decade, the TV Guide magazine matured; in format, style, topography, and layout…as well as journalistic quality. A right smart digest-sized “bible” to the television buff. My weekly perusal through its pages left countless checks, stars, asterisks, circlings, and footnotes. The channel number, followed by MOVIE, in turn the genre designation, then the movie title with time allottment, made for a distinct look to each pages daily listings…truly, I vow, the EVENT of an upcoming movie viewing was cause for intense focus, concentration, and good behavior (I do recall a couple of Wizard of Oz broadcasts that I was forced to “enjoy” from the distant comforts of my bedroom; ear pressed to the bedroom door…the result of a domestic misdemeanor on my youthful part). The TV Guide “Close Up” on any given day’s listings spotlighted an emminent showing of a movie event/premiere or a crucial episode of a weekly series. But, those block-ads that grouped several shows together or one BIG viewing event, created quite a stir amongst TV afficionados.
    I am a reader/contributor to a fanzine called Scary Monsters magazine. The issue that began my loyal readership to this publication, involved an article called, “Monster Memories of the 1970s, and featured a full-page montage of cut-out clippings of individual monster movie listings from the pages of TV Guide magazine. Were it not for THAT very article, I may never have purchased that issue, much less continued my readership that has lasted these past ten years solid. That is the impact those ads and listing had on true TV/movie fans from the decades past. Unfortunately, the 21st century TV Guides have suffered from the over-saturation of hundreds of channel listings that prevent such warm, intimate, and inviting listings/ads.
    So, we have our memories, fellow tube lovers! Always a joy to say, “Hey!” to you all here at Aurora’s blog, HOW SWEET IT WAS, and I will pop in again soon.

    …Still Alive…Chris “Moaneez”, host of Fahrenheit VHS

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