Bert Convy and Tattletales


Classic television personality, Bert Convy (July 23, 1933 – July 15, 1991) would have celebrated a birthday this week so I post this in his memory.  He was a staple on television when I was growing up and my crush on him was no laughing matter.  Those dimples!

Bert Convy, c. 1975

Convy was an actor and singer who had successful stints on the Broadway stage in productions of “Cabaret” and “Fiddler on the Roof.   He also guest-starred on many classic television shows from the 1960s through the 1980s.

On Stage:



As a guest on popular TV shows:


On Fantasy Island


On The Partridge Family (with a young Jodi Foster playing his daughter)

On Nanny and the Professor

On Nanny and the Professor


On Alfred Hitchcock Presents in 1961

However, it’s Convy’s role as game show host that people best remember him for.



My favorite of the game shows Bert Convy hosted was Tattletales, which aired from 1974 to 1978 on CBS daytime.  The show’s premise involved questions asked of celebrity couples about their personal lives.  The husband or wife was asked questions while the other was off-screen and unable to hear.  The couples would then win money for the studio audience, depending on how many questions they got right – or that matched each other’s answers.  Each couple sat in a colored section, which corresponded to a “rooting section” of the studio audience.


Tattletales promo ads:




I loved watching Hollywood stars who appeared on Tattletales because I got to see them as themselves – candid.  Frequent guests on the show were other popular game show hosts of the time like Gene Rayburn of Match Game, Richard Dawson of Family Feud and Allen Ludden of Password – and their respective wives.  Bert and his wife Ann would be occasional panelists themselves, most often during the weeks when Tattletales featured game show hosts as guests.  I remember Richard Dawson, Gene Rayburn and Bob Barker all playing host on different occasions.

Panelists Convy, Dawson and another popular game show host at the time, Chuck Woolery

Panelists Convy, Dawson and another popular game show host at the time, Chuck Woolery


Bert and his wife, Ann as panelists

Bert Convy was awarded a Daytime Emmy Award for hosting Tattletales in 1977 with the show receiving a nomination for “Outstanding Game or Audience Participation Show” the same year.


Following are full episodes of Tattletales:

Appearing – for the blue section,  the ever-popular, Betty White and Allen Ludden.   For the banana section (as the yellow section was called), Scoey Mitchell and his wife, Claire.  And for the red section, Joe Campanella and his wife, Jill.

Here’s an episode in which Bert and his wife, Ann are panelists and Bob Barker serves as host for the day:

One of my favorite couples to appear on Tattletales were semi-regulars, actors Bobby Van and Elaine Joyce.  Here’s an episode featuring them along with comedian Shecky Greene and his wife, Nalani Kele and actors Greg Mullavey and his wife, Meredith MacRae.

From 1975 with guests host/entertainer, Dennis James and his wife, Micki, actor Jamie Farr and Joy Ann Richards, and Frank Jameson and Eva Gabor.

Tattletales was such fun and Bert Convy was the main reason why – an ever-charming and memorable television presence.  How Sweet it Was to have him around.


12 thoughts on “Bert Convy and Tattletales

  1. he was my favorite as a teen. I contributed to a trivia site for him in the late 1990s- early 2000s. Glad you have pics of him from these TV shows. He was also in a Mission Impossible, with Linda Day George (the one where Phelps had amnesia), a Hawaii 5-0, where he had bubonic plague; The Untouchables, where he got shot; I recall his quotes from the tonight show. I will also do my own page on him, sometime. If Entertainment Tonight had been around then, and other celebrity-based TV shows he would have been a bigger star, due to his cuteness and popularity. People Magazine had premiered in 1974 (with Mia Farrow on the cover, because of the Great Gatsby), but it wasn’t then what it is today, celebrity crazy. Bert was better being himself than acting in any role.
    His early movies were Bucket of Blood; Dead Man Walking; Act One; Susan Slade, and I think one other, until the 1970s and he was in new movies –Semi-Tough, Hero At Large, and other films

    • Great question! I’ve only been able to watch whatever’s available on YouTube, which in many cases are not complete episodes. I actually reached out to Game Show Network a while back about the possibility of airing these shows, but I never heard back.


  2. There’s a cable channel called Buzzr that is currently airing episodes of Tattle Tales. I believe they’re from 1974 right now. Yay!

  3. Your caption when Bert was contestant on Tattletales is wrong.. It’s not Chuck Woolery… it is Jack Narz, another game show host and brother to Tom Kennedy ( another game show host) and brother in law to Bill Cullen ( another game show host who was on Tattletales several times with his wife Anne, sister in law to Jack and Tom).

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