Life with Buster Keaton

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I was thrilled to run into videos of “Life with Buster Keaton,” a television series that starred one of the greatest comic actors of all time.

Premiering as a live show titled, “The Buster Keaton Show” in 1950 in a local Los Angeles market, the show gained a following and had some success.  The attempt to give it national attention proved difficult, however.   With its title changed to “Life with Buster Keaton,” the “new” version of the show consisted of taped episodes of the earlier live ones. Unfortunately, the revamped, taped version was not well received by a national audience and the show was soon cancelled.



In celebration of what would have been Buster’s birthday (October 4, 1895), here’s an episode of “Life with Buster Keaton.”  I will preface by saying that, although enjoyable, the show was not particularly funny.  Certainly not by Keaton standards.  Still, I can’t imagine anyone would think it a waste of time to watch this man in action – in any era of his career.

Episode: “Private Eye”

Keaton bonus:

Buster on The Ed Wynn Show

Buster on Candid Camera in 1961:

“All my life I have been happiest when the folks watching me said to each other, “Look at the poor dope, will ya?””


A birthday remembrance to one of the greatest.

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