Karloff Throws a Halloween Party on Sealtest Variety Theater

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The Sealtest Variety Theater is an old-time radio variety show that aired from 1946 to 1949 on NBC Radio.  Originally titled “Front and Center” the show, hosted by Dorothy Lamour, one of the most popular Hollywood glamour girls during the war years, was changed to Sealtest in September 1948.  However, fans always referred to the show as “The Dorothy Lamour Show.”


Sealtest featured regulars Eddie Bracken and Frank Nelson and boasted a long list of popular Hollywood personalities as guests.   These included Ronald Colman, Gregory Peck, Bob Hope, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis and many more.

Here is a special Halloween presentation of Sealtest Variety Theater that I couldn’t resist sharing:

Episode: Boris Karloff Throws a Halloween Party” originally aired on October 28, 1948 and offers a very special bonus with the guest appearance of  Jack Carson who takes a break from his own, “The Jack Carson Show” to exchange some banter with Lamour.



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