Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. – a remembrance

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Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. would have celebrated a birthday this week (December 9, 1909 – May 7, 2000) and in tribute I present three entertaining examples of his work.  These are distinguishable not only by way of the different mediums, but by his role in each.

First, from 1949 – NBC Theater presents the Screen Director’s Guild production of “The Exile” starring Doug and co-starring Raymond Burr. Need I say Doug had a wonderful voice for radio? Thought not.

Next is the only full episode I found of Rheingold Theater, a half-hour anthology series that ran from 1953 to 1957.  Doug Fairbanks, Jr. narrated, produced and frequently starred on the show.  Although for obvious reasons I would have liked to feature an episode in which he starred, it’s difficult to dismiss this one titled, “The Awakening,” which stars the one and only, Buster Keaton in a dramatic role.  The handsome, Mr. Fairbanks presents the show.

Finally, a wonderful treat by way of the classic television game show, Password in which Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. plays opposite Joan Fontaine.

To Doug in remembrance.


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One thought on “Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. – a remembrance

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