Letter to Loretta


Letter to Loretta was the original title of what would later be The Loretta Young Show, an anthology series that ran from 1953 to 1961.  Loretta Young hosted the show and also played the lead in many of the dramatic teleplays featured each week.


The show’s original title was based on the premise that each show would open with Loretta answering a piece of fan mail.

In February 1954, the show’s title was changed to The Loretta Young Show and the “letter” concept was dropped completely at the end of the second season.  Loretta would experience health issues in 1954 that forced a number of guest hosts to take her place.  From that point on, although the show’s title remained the same, Young would appear in about half of each season’s episodes, mostly only to play host with the featured weekly dramas performed by the various guest stars.


I’ve watched several episodes of The Loretta Young Show and my favorite part of each episode is the opening, during which Miss Young shows off her fabulous style and grace.  Following are compilation clips showing various openings.  Did she know how to make an entrance or what?!







This is posted to honor what would have been the star’s 101st birthday – January 6, 2014.

2 thoughts on “Letter to Loretta

    • Thanks, Christy. INDEED! I did this on the fly. I couldn’t resist. Those entrances would probably be ordinary for most, but she makes them each look like “happenings.”


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