Columbo: Why We Watch / Why it Matters


Following is a special guest post by Paul Hughes @PoetandPriest

Why We Watch

For my wedding, I asked for and received the Columbo DVD collection. Complete to that point, it ended with the double helping of Seasons Six and Seven, and back copy text touting the guest stars like Kim Cattrall and Ed Begley, Jr. Plus a “captivating conclusion in these final episodes.”

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Me-TV’s Summer of Classic TV Blogathon


Announcing Me-TV’s Summer of Classic TV Blogathon


The Classic TV Blog Association will host Me-TV’s Summer of Classic TV Blogathon on July 15-19. The blogathon will consist of blog posts about TV series currently on the Me-TV schedule (see below). A blogathon post may be:  an overview of a TV series;  a profile of one of the series’ stars; an article on the blogger’s favorite episode(s), etc. Any blogger may participate, providing that he or she complies with the family-friendly blogging guidelines of the Classic TV Blog Association.

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A New Blog Association and a blogathon


A week or two ago I visited my favorite blog, Classic Film and TV Cafe, and noticed a badge I hadn’t seen before. Its title, The Classic TV Blog Association.  I clicked on it and read the details about this organization I’d love to be a part of.  Now, I have to admit that the best part of blogging for me is being a part of a community of classic film and television lovers who share stories and memories while also learning from passionate fans. I know very little about formal blogging organizations and, given my very casual style (if you will), I feel rather unworthy to even ask about those types of things. In truth I started blogging strictly for fun after reading other people’s commentaries I thought, hey, I can do that. And so I did.

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