Halloween Variety on Old-Time Radio

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As you plan your Halloween, fill candy bags and/or answer the door for ghouls and goblins listen to these entertaining Old-time radio Halloween episodes – a respite from the horror!  Enjoy.

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In Praise of Vintage: 10 Classic TV Shows + Where to Watch Them

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A must read – get your classic TV on!

Originally posted on cinematically insane:

the_man_has_style_cary_grant_style_icon_1943“I can’t stand old movies,” my Uncle Tommy once said to me. “Any time I see a guy wearing a hat, I change the channel.”

Despite his dismissal of a filmmaking era I love, and have since childhood, I kept my cool. (I learned that from Cary Grant, who, by the way, knew how to rock a hat.) Opinions are subjective reflections of personal taste, I reminded myself. That explains why some people are Yankee fans, or Republicans.

Then I asked him, calmly, what he didn’t like about “old movies.”

“They’re dated.”

“What you may think of as ‘dated’ other people consider ‘classic,’” I said.

“They’re boring, and the acting is terrible!” he added. “Katharine Hepburn is the worst. I can’t stand her.”

Funny thing: I have a picture of Katharine Hepburn from THE PHILADELPHIA STORY hanging in my apartment; I have no such picture of my Uncle Tommy, love…

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‘The Rifleman’ on Summer of #MeTV


I don’t quite remember how or when I first came across The Rifleman as I wasn’t yet a planned entity when it originally aired.  I did see it during my childhood, however, and vividly remember being charmed by the unique Western with heart at its core.  Those memories were so vivid, in fact, that when I first learned about MeTV The Rifleman was the only show I began to DVR immediately after many years of not having seen it only to learn I did not outgrow its appeal.

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