This site is dedicated to the ones I love – the laughs, the horrors, the wonders I am forever drawn to.  Here’s to television, the pioneers that set the standard and family and friends I never tire of visiting with.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Well, to begin with, television is a highly personal medium. Growing up while sitting in front of that beautiful wood cabinet spewing the world into our laps, each set of watching eyes sees its own splendid set of memory-making sounds and images…and no two memories are ever alike. I am amazed to discover this blog, via its author, Aurora, and I sense I will relive many a quaint and warm television remembrances.

  2. Just discovered How Sweet I Was today… what a great collection of sites you’ve created. I will return often.

    I run a site documenting free classic TV videos in the public domain.
    The videos are browsable by show title in chronological order with thumbnails & episode summaries.

    (It’s handy for binge-watching!)

    Over 160 shows, with over 1,300 free classic episodes, including rarities.
    No account required, and no video advertising.

    Yours in history and media,
    Bob Poulsen
    Corvallis, OR

    • I’ll be sure to visit now that I expect to have a bit more free tie. Wonderful stuff that I can’t get enough of. How lucky we are to appreciate these classics!


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