A Very Merry “Cannonball Christmas” on #MeTV


MeTV is unwrapping a Holiday Season’s worth of Classic TV Christmas favorites and the Classic TV Blog Association is hosting a Very Merry MeTV Blogathon to celebrate!

MeTV Christmas

My entry to the blogathon is dedicated to a charmer, if I do say so myself, the Christmas episode from the first season of “Petticoat Junction” (1963-1970) titled “Cannonball Christmas.”

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The Story of Dick Van Dyke and the Ottoman


Dedicated to physical comedy is the See You in the ‘Fall’ Blogathon hosted by Movie Movie Blog Blog.  During the event’s four-day run you’ll find descriptions of scenes and comedians that defy the laws of physics.  For the first of my two entries I chose an iconic Television moment – when Dick Van Dyke falls over the ottoman in the classic opening to “The Dick Van Dyke Show” (1961-1966).

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According to “Superman on Earth” the premiere episode of The Adventures of Superman Television series it was on the 10th day of April that a small craft crashed onto the Earth in Smallville, Kansas.   The craft had a baby inside, the sole survivor of a race of supermen who was (miraculously) unscathed by the crash and its burning aftermath.  Under the tutelage of Eben and Sarah Kent the baby would grow up to be a man dedicated to truth and justice.  And that man would be the inspiration for one of the greatest Television programs of all time, a program now featured on the Summer of MeTV schedule.  Starting at 6:00 pm every Saturday MeTV will air two episodes of The Adventures of Superman – that’s two times each and every weekend that you’ll hear the greatest opening sequence in TV history…

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Goodbye Mad Men

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Outspoken and Freckled


Social media and water coolers alike have been a buzz since the series final episode of “MAD MEN” aired. Some have wondered just why the series became such an intensely popular phenomenon. Was it the nostalgia and quirky fun of Janie Bryant’s wardrobes spanning mainly across the 60s, right up to 1970? Was it the character development of these Madison Avenue ad men and women? Yes. Plus so much more.

No one is a hero. Creator Matthew Weiner took great care to create this show like none other. In world filled with characters at their very best and their very worst… of strong heroes, saintly women, villainous women, and evil antagonists. Here instead was a rare world where characters were not such typical standards. They felt more authentic and more oft to show us their warts and jaded outlooks than their best pose. And he took the time to…

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Star Trek: Let That Be Your Last Battlefield


When I read that A Shroud of Thoughts was hosting the Favorite TV Episode Blogathon I had but one choice, an episode from Star Trek’s third season directed by Jud Taylor titled “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield.”  Based on a controversial story, “Portrait in Black and White” written by Barry Trivers in 1966, this episode is – in my opinion – the ultimate example of how Star Trek often pushed the envelope by addressing controversial issues during a turbulent time in our country.  “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” is a daring, forward-thinking episode that tackles the issue of racism head-on in the context of two perspectives in a sense – its absolute absurdity and its dire consequences.  Both still relevant today.  Sadly.

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Enter #COLUMBO to the Classic TV Detectives Blogathon


If I was to consider making a list of great moments in the annals of Television I would argue for one specific moment, a moment repeated numerous times over the course of a decade (give or take), a moment that cannot be equaled.  That moment follows a strict formula – a murder has been committed in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.  We are made privy to the motive of the murder, have seen the act being committed and have followed the steps of the attempted cover up.  By the time the moment arrives the mystery in the “mystery crime drama” has been taken out of the equation and made incidental, the formula for the murder mystery show turned on its head. And now that the mystery is gone we have only one thing to focus on, which comes as each “Columbo” episode turns toward Columbo the man. His entrance is the moment we all always wait for.

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