Enter #COLUMBO to the Classic TV Detectives Blogathon


If I was to consider making a list of great moments in the annals of Television I would argue for one specific moment, a moment repeated numerous times over the course of a decade (give or take), a moment that cannot be equaled.  That moment follows a strict formula – a murder has been committed in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.  We are made privy to the motive of the murder, have seen the act being committed and have followed the steps of the attempted cover up.  By the time the moment arrives the mystery in the “mystery crime drama” has been taken out of the equation and made incidental, the formula for the murder mystery show turned on its head. And now that the mystery is gone we have only one thing to focus on, which comes as each “Columbo” episode turns toward Columbo the man. His entrance is the moment we all always wait for.

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Halloween Variety on Old-Time Radio

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As you plan your Halloween, fill candy bags and/or answer the door for ghouls and goblins listen to these entertaining Old-time radio Halloween episodes – a respite from the horror!  Enjoy.

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In Praise of Vintage: 10 Classic TV Shows + Where to Watch Them

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A must read – get your classic TV on!

Originally posted on cinematically insane:

the_man_has_style_cary_grant_style_icon_1943“I can’t stand old movies,” my Uncle Tommy once said to me. “Any time I see a guy wearing a hat, I change the channel.”

Despite his dismissal of a filmmaking era I love, and have since childhood, I kept my cool. (I learned that from Cary Grant, who, by the way, knew how to rock a hat.) Opinions are subjective reflections of personal taste, I reminded myself. That explains why some people are Yankee fans, or Republicans.

Then I asked him, calmly, what he didn’t like about “old movies.”

“They’re dated.”

“What you may think of as ‘dated’ other people consider ‘classic,’” I said.

“They’re boring, and the acting is terrible!” he added. “Katharine Hepburn is the worst. I can’t stand her.”

Funny thing: I have a picture of Katharine Hepburn from THE PHILADELPHIA STORY hanging in my apartment; I have no such picture of my Uncle Tommy, love…

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‘The Rifleman’ on Summer of #MeTV


I don’t quite remember how or when I first came across The Rifleman as I wasn’t yet a planned entity when it originally aired.  I did see it during my childhood, however, and vividly remember being charmed by the unique Western with heart at its core.  Those memories were so vivid, in fact, that when I first learned about MeTV The Rifleman was the only show I began to DVR immediately after many years of not having seen it only to learn I did not outgrow its appeal.

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